Personal Protective Equipment

What to wear when you’re working should be decided by the demands of the work situation. We have designed different series of protective clothing and equipment that take the type of work into consideration.

HUSQVARNA Personal Protective Equipment KEY FEATURES
Protective helmets

Protective helmets

Always protect your head with a helmet designed for the intended use. We offer high quality products, equipped with hearing protection and visor, for both the professional and home user.



Our protective boots and shoes offer you comfort, stability and safety. We have footwear for all types of forest and garden work, so you get the right product for the job at hand.

Protective clothing

Protective clothing

Light, comfortable and protective. Our protective clothing is designed to keep you safe without being a hindrance.

Visual protection

Visual protection

Our visors, glasses and goggles give you optimal protection and smart functions. There is something for every need, from glasses with anti-fog coated lenses and scratch resistance, to mesh and polycarbonate visors.

Mesh visor, nylon which fits Forest helmet Functional and hearing protectors.

Perspex visor for Forest helmet Functional and hearing protectors.

With strong metal clips. Extra wide with adjustable length

With leather eye straps for waist trousers with buttons for suspenders. Extra wide and with adjustable length.

Studs including stud key. Fits protective boots Functional 24 and Functional 28.

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Stocked Brands

  • Echo
  • Honda
  • Lawn Master
  • Masport
  • Shindaiwa
  • Victa